Peace Series (Soft Cover)


During these violent and turbulent times, the ultimate personal endeavour is the achievement of peace. The books are superbly printed on art paper with beautiful multi-colour pictures of exotic birds and flowers. The instructions are practical, inspiring and universal in their appeal.



Herewith some responses from our readers:

“Ever since reading these wonderful series, my life has changed a lot. The Peace books have given me strength and courage. They have taught me to rely on God and not look for peace outside, in friends and family”.

RR, Isipingo, Durban


“On a scale of ten, I will give the book nine points. It is the greatest book that I have seen outside Islamic literature. It crystallises all that the Koran teaches, for, in the Koran, submission to the Will of God is the cornerstone of spiritual life. This book will make me a better Muslim.”

A Muslim reader

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Weight 844 g
Dimensions 16.6 × 12.1 × 3.6 cm